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“She saw eternity written on the faces of all she met”...

This was the comment (page 10-11) that really struck me as I reviewed this edition of SIMNOW.

Do I see my neighbours, my friends, those in my community in the same way? Do you? Does your church?

I think as Christians, we are dangerously close to losing the urgency and the intensity of that statement in today’s society. Are we too busy to really stop and see people, to spend time with people who face eternity without even knowing Christ? Sadly, I think this is the case. We lead busy lives and when we’re busy the focus is more often on ourselves than others. How moms can be moms as well as missionary workers in other cultures is both amazing and humbling to me.

Much of SIM’s successes over the years in planting churches around the world have been due to single and married women who were committed to seeing more people face eternity knowing the love of God.

As we know, it was not easy for our pioneer workers, but it was especially difficult for our pioneer women to survive, thrive and build relationships in communities where Christ is least known.

Dr. Hyon Kim’s article (page 4-5) reminds us that despite our busyness, we still need to find time to grow and develop as Christians, whatever our gender.

I trust you will find this edition as challenging and enlightening as I have. Feel free to share your perspectives with me at

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