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It's a Very Good Friday Party

When the neighbourhood kids realized that I would not be home on Easter weekend, they organized a function themselves.

I had been praying that the children would come together as a faith community. Could this be the child-like beginnings?

 I heard the excited reports that each of them bought their own chips and pop. Games and terrific fun were had all around. Everyone was there and everyone loved it was the account that one child retold to me. I asked if there was any mention of the meaning of Easter. She paused and replied, “Well we did pray once at the end.”

 “No we did not!” refuted a five year old that was listening in.  Happy told her to be quiet and explained that she had already left by the time they got around to praying.

 Another child had a slightly different version. He was excited to tell me all about their big celebration that they organized all on their own in my absence. I asked him also, “Was there any mention of Jesus?” He too paused, “Yeah, I led everyone in praying when we started!” what really happened, I’ll never know. I do know that my heart is thrilled that the children simply came together to celebrate an Easter festival. It’s a start.

 His Life for ours - our wonderful Easter reality. Thank you Jesus!

Editor's Note: We are grateful for missionaries who are committed to sharing about Jesus in communities that are hard to break into. We may never know what these small acts of obedience can do for the furthering of the Kingdom.

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