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What is it that lights your fire?

Do you think that you need more than a ‘passion,’ or more than a just a ‘call’ to serve God? I believe that you do. I think to truly serve God - particularly when the going gets tough - that you need a real fire within you. You need to be on fire for God, not just lukewarm! You need to be so passionate to serve Him that nothing else matters.

I have the unique privilege of meeting SIM missionaries before they go to their various field of service and when they return. I have found it interesting to observe differences. Some go to the field with a commendable zeal yet return almost defeated. Others remain ‘fired up’ despite calamitous events.

I’m thinking of one young lady in South Sudan. Her name is Christiane. She is a quiet, determined young lady. God has fired up a passion in her for discipleship. But fighting erupted around the compound where Christiane was living with a group of other missionaries. Over a period of 2 days, just after Christmas 2016 the fighting turned ugly. Sadly some South Sudanese lost their lives and the situation was so critical that all the missionaries were evacuated. In their absence, the compound was looted. However, what struck me was the fire in this young lady to return to the South Sudanese people that she loved and cared for - despite the risks - and continue to serve God.

Is this the kind of person that you are? Are you willing to put it all on the line for God? If so, and you are a committed Christian, I’d like to hear from you because that’s the kind of fire we need in our missionaries.

If this doesn’t describe you, then can I ask why not? What will it take for you to be that fired up for God?

I challenge you to take the next step and make an inquiry to serve. Contact Nancy Gibson or go to  and let the excitement begin. You’ll be amazed at the journey God will take you!

If you aren’t ready to serve right now, you can still participate by giving to restore the medical clinic, and living quarters for this South Sudan team. Donate to restore the Doro Compound - Project SS 98500. To give online, go to

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