Issue 5 Stories
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January 2018

From the Director's Desk

When we think of missions, Canada doesn't often come to mind. However, there are still communities in Canada that have yet to hear the gospel. It is easy to think just because there is a church on almost every corner that Canada is a fully reached nation.

Cuz the hip-hop community needs Jesus too

Imagine a community that knows about God, but doesn't really know Him. Imagine if they've witnessed more bad examples of disciples than good ones?

Brokenness and Pain

As Christians, how do we embrace others in the midst of their brokenness and pain?

Ministry Realities at Cree First Nations Reserve

Family tragedy highlights need for First Nations Youth Project

How to get into missions

A Deaf Ear

The word 'hearing' stands out to me in SIM’s mission statement. I always need to translate it as 'seeing', because God has led me to serve in mission among the culturally Deaf in Canada.

A Blind Eye

Ana tried to break up with her boyfriend before, but could never make it stick. He wasn't a regular boyfriend, actually. He was a violent young man who exploited her in the sex industry. He was a pimp; a human trafficker. His abuse toward Ana wasn't random. It wasn't brought on by his mood, or by drinking.

Mekelle Youth Centre

“It's a  blessing seeing evidences  of God working in their lives”

Health and the Gospel

It was early morning when the Doro clinic Health Education Outreach Team arrived at the village. There were about 10 ladies already waiting for us under a tree.