ADVISORS with Purpose

What if your Will could be so much more than words?

It is important that your Will correctly outlines the plans for your assets but what if it could be so much more? What if your Will could be a statement about the life you lived, the faith you follow, the people you love, and the charities you believe in? Advisors with Purpose can help you make that powerful statement. Contact them today to speak to an estate specialist about creating a plan for your Will.

ADVISORS with Purpose is part of the family of ministries of Financial Discipleship Canada. Their services are available to you at no cost. ADVISORS with Purpose will not sell you anything. They provide planned giving specialists who can help you think through your decisions regarding your estate and ensure that your estate plan and Will reflects your life, faith and values. These services are totally confidential and are available to supporters and friends of SIM.        

Why should you create an estate plan with an ADVISORS with Purpose specialist?

-       To reduce taxes and fees at death.

-       To integrate your worldview into your plan.

-       To prepare the next generation.

-       Your plan will reflect your heart and your values.

-       Your plan will promote family harmony and avoid conflict over family assets, heirlooms and expectations.