...and the strong influence of a brother

When her brother became a Christian, the change in him was so noticeable that Cindy went to church to find out what was wrong with him, only to find out what was wrong with her.

It was still some time before she accepted Christ. Cindy went through a period of spiritual attacks. In fear, she called out to the Jesus. God delivered her. Cindy was overjoyed by God’s presence in her life. and wanted to share her testimony with everyone, even those she passed on the street.

Cindy was studying at university when she came to faith. The pressure put on her by family and society led her to a prestigious career. However, she still took opportunities to go on short-term mission trips during this time. “I just couldn’t stop going,” she explains, “The pleasure that comes from getting a car, buying a house, or anything else is not even comparable to the joy of bringing someone to faith.”

Cindy felt that she was being called to enter the mission field as a full time ministry worker. The Lord has truly blessed her with affirmation through people and circumstances. Though she has, at times, been gripped by fear and disappointment, the Lord has been faithful. 

With SIM, she decided to go to East Asia to work as a ministry worker. God had other plans. Cindy’s visa was declined.

With SIM, she decided to serve in East Asia. God had other plans. Cindy’s VISA was declined. “Our disappointment is His appointment”, she says. 

Cindy then went on a vision trip to other parts of Asia. While she was in Japan, she had many divine encounters that made it clear to her that this is where God has called her. She intended to travel to Japan this spring, but the circumstances around COVID-19 have delayed her travel plans and visa application. 

Again, Cindy has seen the appointment of God in the midst of her disappointment. The mission field is not limited to geographic location. There is purpose in where we are. 

Cindy recently met a woman in her early thirties who is paralyzed as a result of being victim to long term physical abuse. There is no cure or treatment that will work for this woman. She lives in a impoverished area of the city and has no family or friends to care for her. “”She is very resilient, which I admire her for,” Cindy said. She has been caring for this woman and sharing the Gospel with her. She hopes to see her come to faith before she has to leave for Japan. But Cindy knows that the Lord’s timing may be different than her own. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cindy is exactly where God wants her to be. She is radiating the joy she’s found in Christ and sharing God’s love with everyone she can. 

To support Cindy, go to www.sim.ca/unlisted-worker

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