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Continuing the story in Canada

According to the 2016 census almost 1 in 4 of Canada's population identify themselves as landed immigrants or permanent residents.

In the last 5 years 1.2 million immigrants came to Canada - 48% from Asia, 21% from the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa. A large percentage come from areas of the world where Christ is not known, giving the church in Canada an unprecedented opportunity to reach them with the Gospel.

SIM believes that we are called to make disciples in communities where he is least known. The SIM Canada Field missionaries are predominantly focused on ministry to the diaspora (newcomers to Canada) and to those living on the margins of our society.

Although the majority of our missionaries are Canadian, our 30-strong team includes members from France, Zambia, Korea, Kazakhstan and the US, reaching out to diverse communities across the country - from Vancouver to Halifax. The team works with International students and high school students, First Nations communities, refugees, the deaf community, urban poor, young women trafficked into prostitution, newcomers from a plethora of nations, and even the hip-hop community.

Peter and his wife work with youth from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. Brother T. was baptized along with their neighbour, in their backyard. That's 6 new believers baptized in the backyard. They also had the largest staff team in 9 years running summer camps, reaching more youth with the gospel and engaging more families than ever before.

Peter and Cindy coach a Toronto church in outreach to their very multi-cultural neighbourhood. The Church now runs conversational classes on Thursday evenings at the local library. There are at least 10 countries represented. As their English improves, participants share about their lives and struggles. A tutoring program is also opening doors into the homes of families. The need is great in this area among low-income, refugee, and immigrant children. God is providing, but they still need more tutors.

This is the work that we love to do. Will you join us?

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