COVID-19 Appeal

$80,000 needed to support 10 key workers

What does a 25% decrease in donations mean to SIM?

Like other organizations, SIM has seen a significant reduction in donations due to COVID-19. For SIM Canada this equates to a 25% decrease.

So, what does this mean? To keep the operation going, SIM Canada faces the reality of reducing our Canadian operations. This will mean reducing the key workforce that support the workers and vital ministries overseas. Reducing a workforce at a time when arguably with COVID-19 and other challenges, their help and expertise are needed most. This will be very difficult and ultimately have an impact on the important work of the mission - reaching the unreached.

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$40,000 needed for COVID-19 kits for hospitals

Help supply SIM hospitals around the world with kits.

IM hospitals around the world urgently need funds for COVID-19 protective equipment and for additional medical staff hours, just like here in Canada.

Here’s an example of a $5,000 Hospital -19 COVID kit

o Surgical masks & shields [500]
o Plastic aprons [500]
o Footwear [100 pr]       
o Sharp boxes [100]
o Surgical gloves [15,000]           
o PVC gloves [500 pr]     
o Hand sanitizer [150 bottles]   
o Cannulas [3,000]
o Infrared thermometers                           
o Bleach [1,000 bottles]
o Intravenous fluid [15 boxes]                   
o Saline [15 boxes]
o Methylated Spirits [1,000 bottles]


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