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in a name?


PAM, BAM, huh? These words look a little like what you’d see in the speech balloon of an action comic or maybe a name from the Flintstones TV show. But what’s it got to do with missions?

In an ever-changing world, missions are constantly looking how to creatively place workers into ministries both in Canada and overseas.

BAM - Business As Mission - is likely a term you know if you’ve been in and around missions in the past decade or so. This category of missions worker is becoming more popular with those who see that they can use their professional skills to set up a business as well as conduct ministries. Of course, this is the modern-day term for what Priscilla, Aquila and Paul were noted as doing all those years ago - literally working at making tents - as a means to support their ministries. Now it is more often called BAM. Of course, BAM ministries can take on many forms - as diverse as there are different professions and skillsets. BAM’ers serve all around the world but most often where a traditional ‘missionary worker’ cannot go.

But what about PAM - Professionals As Mission(aries)? This is a hybrid of BAM but tailored for workers, like nurses or accountants, who feel called to missions, in the secular marketplace. SIM helps them be missionally intentional. Of course, like BAM, there can be many variations of this. (refer back page).

Whether serving in a BAM, PAM, or the more traditional full-time ministry worker capacity, the important thing is that SIM will tailor different ways of engaging workers in God’s mission. SIM, like other missions need workers who are willing to serve in whatever capacity - and take the gospel to where it is least known - in Canada and around the world.

Are you a PAM, a BAM or willing to serve for a short or long term in missions? Let me Let me know. We have a place for you!

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