God weaves calamities and trials into triumphs

Nigeria is a diverse country with many different tribes and clans including the semi-nomadic Fulani.

The Fulani live across much of West Africa but most are found in Nigeria. They are almost 100% Muslim.

Those living in the cities are highly educated. Those living in traditional bush environments are mostly illiterate.

SIM are bringing education to those bush people who cannot read and write.

Camp visits provide many opportunities to introduce the gospel as for the Fulani, visits are a time to greet and share the stories of life.

In one particular settlement we met many women and children busily collecting wood for cooking fires and socializing as they prepare their daily meals.  In one of these visits, a shy boy was seen who was shunned by his peers due to a disability. His arm curled up to his chest and his hand also curled with restricted mobility and very little flexibility or movement.

Asking to know about the story of the boy’s problem, they told me that over 1 year before he was like the other boys and girls but he was playing by the cooking fire and fell into the pot of hot soup on the fire. His burns were much and he was taken to a traditional healer who was not able to do much but subside the pain. The doctor in the town said that there was not much they could do as time will heal.

Nearby Egbe Hospital - originally a SIM Hospital that is now run by the ECWA church - just received a new missionary worker, a surgeon from the Congo. He suggested that there was a chance to do something through skin grafts, pinning of the fingers and casting to help give some mobility to the boy’s hand and arm. While raising awareness and funds from the west the missionary workers were able provide this young boy the surgery, and with much physiotherapy, brought the boy new mobility and freedom.

SIM workers continue to visit many bush camps to provide education to the Fulani children as well as medical clinics. In a recent visit to Aliu’s camp we found him sitting on a bench under a mango tree, learning English and mathematics alongside his peers. And once school is out, Aliu is climbing the trees with his friends as he can freely use his arm and hand again. 

As the Love of Christ sets us free, may the examples of the love of Christ allow the Fulani their spiritual freedom.

 Pray with the Fulani outreach team as they work in many villages and bush settlements to bring the love and hope of Christ to many who have not heard.

 Pray too for Alui and his family that his healing will be a mark of Christ in his life and a testimony of His love to his village so that the whole community will come to know Christ.

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