Missionary workers to Côte d’Ivoire

It was because of you that we couldn’t take Abidjan. Next time, we’ll start with your radio.”

I always had a knack for music and electronics. In 1983, I was part of the team responsible for setting up a music group's equipment and control board.

 When SIM, talked about an FM radio project, I was one of the first to sign up. I joined Fréquence Vie in 1994 as a control board trainee, and once I got a taste of the microphone and programme production, I was unstoppable.

 Since 2018, I have served as director of SIM Côte d’Ivoire and president of the board of the Christian Radio Fréquence Vie.

 I didn’t know just how much impact we were having on radio until Abidjan’s civil rebellion in 2002. One morning, I woke up and turned on my radio, eager to hear what was going on. I tried the major international stations such as the BBC, but none were broadcasting, not even the national radio. 

I started to broadcast and contacted some of our listeners who were frequent callers. There was lots of gunfire; we prayed for protection over the live broadcast. The Ivorian army heard us and kept the rebels at bay - the radio station is near the army barracks. The army pushed back the rebels who failed to take Abidjan - the capital.

 A few weeks later, one of the rebels called in on the radio and said, “It was because of you that we couldn’t take Abidjan. Next time, we’ll start with your radio.”

 We replied, “We will pray for you, that you may not destroy that which you haven’t created.”

When COVID-19 struck in 2020, many churches closed. Radio Fréquence took this opportunity to invite preachers to speak on radio every Sunday. We also encouraged people to phone in and share their experiences and how they were coping. We were the only point of human contact for many. 

Radio goes to remote areas where evangelists cannot yet go. We are intimately involved in personal lives and we talk to thousands of people without meeting them.

 During COVID-19 confinement, radio and online programmes provided the opportunity for some people to discover God and others to deepen their relationship with God.

 COVID-19 has actually helped strengthen online interaction and brought people closer to care better for one another.

 Radio and mass media are phenomenal means to reach those who would otherwise not hear the Gospel or meet a Christian. I encourage Christians to be involved in media as it is such a powerful means to convey God's truth and transform hardened hearts.

 My greatest satisfaction is knowing God uses me to reach people who are being transformed by listening to God’s powerful Word through radio.

 Many churches have started their own radio stations which is terrific, as long as the message of the cross is preached rather than promoting the host or producer then these initiatives will bring God glory. Without God, nothing is possible. God must be given his rightful place.

 Please pray that God brings an end to COVID-19, for the station to carry out its task with love, returning the glory to God, and for churches to invest in radio outreach in Côte d’Ivoire.

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