Mongu Evangelical Youth Drop-In Centre Project

Hmm... “Do girls paint?”

Early this year four young men, who attend the Mongu Youth Centre, were hired to plaster the inside walls of the main hall.

Later three young ladies and another young man were hired to paint the freshly rendered wall, as well as painting the inside and outside of the smaller conference and camp building. The money that they received for doing this work was used to pay school fees or to help their families in other ways.

The girl’s parents were surprised to hear they would be painting! One father commented “Do girls paint?”.

The girls did such a great job - and they really enjoyed painting -that they were also hired to paint the outside of the main building later in the year. Some of the young men who were taught block-laying and plastering have also been hired by people in the community and have been complimented on the good work that they did. 

The prayer is that God will continue to provide these and other youth opportunities to use the skills they have learned at the Mongo Youth Centre. However, the first priority of the Centre is to meet the spiritual needs of youth - to see them come to know Jesus and to growth in their walk.

To see young lives transformed through hanging out at the Centre rather than at the local bars or on the streets is truly rewarding. The Centre provides youth with a renewed sense of purpose by meeting their physical needs through teaching various practical life skills....and has the potential to set them up for life.

Over the past six years the youth have been able to learn a variety of practical skills

-       basic computer skills,

-       block-laying, plastering, 

-       woodworking, painting

-       baking,

-       hospitality/housekeeping,

-       basic mechanics

Now, the youth use those skills at the Centre and out in the community underpinned by a knowledge of Christ.

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The Centre was established in a large, growing, residential area.  Land (4.7 acres) was purchased in early 2011 and the youth ministry began in early 2013 with one activity a month, then two and finally activities 5-days per week. In late 2016, the Centre officially opened a main building that includes a hall, library, kitchen, computer lab, administration, and storeroom. Phase 2 of this project will upgrade the sports facilities, life skills and music programmes, and build a large Life Skills / Rental Hall. This phase will also upgrade some temporary structures originally built on the property. At completion it is anticipated that the Centre will be self-sustaining and able to minister to the youth of Mongu for years to come.

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