OK, I am a PAM. Are you?

OK, I am a PAM. Are you?

Someone recently called me a PAM. “What does that mean?” I replied. They said it was an acronym meaning Professional as Missionary. “Ah! Yes, OK, I am a PAM.” 

I recently returned from South Asia and wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I had lived in South Asia for over 10 years and felt God was asking me to return home to be closer to my family. This was a difficult decision as South Asia had become home but it was time to return to Canada. 

SIM talked to me about joining the Canada Field Ministry (serving in mission in Canada), but I felt a desire to work in a secular environment.

My brother owns two companies and had a position he wanted me to fill as a recruiter/project manager. Let me say that my brother and I are close but as with most families, fireworks do tend to happen. Could I really work so closely with him and still maintain a healthy brother and sister relationship?

Then I heard a small voice, “Isn't this why you came back to Canada? So you could be in your families’ lives and share the gospel with them and their network?” 

After much prayer and counsel, I decided to accept the job. Starting in this new work environment has brought back a lot of memories of starting in South Asia. I want to affect change for God’s glory. He reminded me again that I also needed to change. I’m also having to learn the culture and listen for the felt needs of my coworkers in the office.

So, what does this have to do with being a PAM? Everything! I have remained a member of SIM Canada and chose to do this intentionally.  I see my new secular job as a ministry opportunity and not as a career advancement. If I’m honest with myself, it would be easier to work elsewhere but God has asked me to be a light to my family. SIM helps me remain faithful to the intentionality of this job and keeps me accountable. 

I can’t imagine doing this without SIM’s support. There is a community aspect that wouldn’t be possible. This community offers accountability, prayer and support. So, when someone asks me what I do? PAM! 

Are you interested in becoming a member of SIM as a professional? We would love to talk with you about this opportunity! Go to sim.ca/connect-with-us to start the conversation.