“...only God can make things grow”

As God led us to France, He also showed that He was already there, that He was already at work.

We arrived in Bourges, France in 2014 with the desire to be salt and light.  We met a lady there, a shop owner on our street, who had been praying for many years for God to bring a shepherd into her life, in fact, the same year that Steve gave his life to the Lord 25 years ago. She had also been praying for her husband’s salvation for 30 years. We started praying together every week. 

 By helping out with simple activities such as cutting hedges, moving heavy loads and garden work, friendship and trust was built with this couple.  Steve was even invited to share a Christmas message in their home.  God was at work in the husband’s life, he heard the word of God, but he was yet to respond. It was not until 2020, when much of the world was turned upside down, that he realized his need for salvation and that salvation is found in Christ alone.  

 What a joy for Steve to be able to baptize him 6 years later!  And the Lord has now given him a heart for the needy, as he has started a food bank ministry in the church.  Furthermore, his daughter, who had no previous interest, has now joined our online faith discussion group where the gospel message is being shared every week. 

 Sometimes we plant, sometimes we water, and sometimes we see the fruit.  But our reminder is: « So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. »  1 Corinthians 3:7.

 As God called us to church plant again in La Rochelle this year, we may not see yet all that God is doing, but we know that He makes things grow in his time.  He is already doing it. What a surprise when few weeks ago God sent someone who was wandering from his faith literally to our front yard! The word of God is speaking to his life and he shared with us that his grandmother has been praying for him since he was a child. The very next Sunday he and his family were at church with us.

 This gives us courage and perseverance, whether sharing and passing out gospels in the street, conversations at the park or invitation into our home and our lives.  Seeds are being sown and God knows the outcome, even if we don’t see it yet, even if we never see it.  Please pray for His Church in La Rochelle that is forming, that it may be light and salt in this city.  Prayer is the way in which God chooses to work and He is faithful. Pray that more lives may be transformed by the power of the Gospel. Pray that we would not get discouraged with the disinterest of some, but that we would continue to seek out those who have never heard the gospel message.

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