Samaru Widows' School Project

God weaves calamities and trials into triumphs

When the Nigerian government announced that all schools should close due to COVID-19 most of the widows were sent home. 

Five ladies stayed because they didn’t have a home where they could go. No one had any idea that the schools would remain closed for many months, so the best thing for these ladies was to stay in the school compound. At least, they would have a place to stay. They could do some farming and find some jobs locally which would help them buy supplies they needed.

During the lock down, people were allowed to go out on a given ‘free day’ each week for food. However, this day did not fall on market day and the 5 local markets were closed. Travel was easier on ‘free days’ so once a month, the widows took a trip to a more distant town where the market was open. 

Then, on the heels of the lockdown, the Local Government placed a 24-hour curfew due to unrest in the area. This lasted for almost three months. By September, the curfew was reduced to 12 hours and the government also announced that students writing final exams before graduating to the next level of education could return to school. The Widows’ School brought back the graduating class.

In recent years the Widows’ School has been giving the graduating students either a sewing or knitting machine. This year, the local people who have been helping the school purchase the machines were unable to help, partly because of the closure of markets, but also due to the destruction of homes and property in the area. People were struggling just to feed their own families.

Then…God did an amazing thing! An email from a church in Canada was donating all their ‘Thanksgiving donations for the month was going to the Widows’ School. Wow! Each week, a special offering was taken to buy sewing machines. A cheque was presented to the project that was sufficient to buy all 18 machines needed for the graduates!

Thank you, Lord, and thank you Verity Church!

The graduating students were happily surprised to receive their parting gift and all rejoiced to see God at work.

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Samaru Widows’ School - PROJECT: NG 96708

Widows in Nigerian society are largely abandoned or taken advantage of by their extended family.

The main purpose of the project is to improve the physical facilities within the Widows’ School and in doing so, create a safe environment where a gospel-centred life-skills education can take place.

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