The importance of home staff

From the Philippines to East Asia to Canada, God stirs my heart to follow Him in this pilgrimage (Psalm 84:5-7).

Christ found me once again in University and I was led to serve as a campus minister right after I graduated. After a time of fruitful service, God then led me to serve in East Asia for 10 years as a teacher and gospel worker. I met my husband, Timothy, and had my two children, David and Natalie, there.

He then led us as a family to Canada. I began volunteering for SIM, soon after my arrival in Toronto. When I received employment status, I was first hired in donor relations but my real passion to mobilize people to mission was met when I was asked to be part of the mobilizing team...a group of dedicated people from diverse cultural backgrounds who are working together to challenge churches and individuals to serve ‘where Christ is least known’.

The overarching goals for the mobilization team include:

-       recruiting, developing and organizing mobilizers so that there is sufficient representation across Canada

-       equipping the team to build influential relationships with inquirers

-       developing partnerships with churches across the country, so that the church will send more workers to the mission field both here in Canada and around the world

By Prayer

Please pray for the team as we continue to challenge people to their role in God’s kingdom work.  Pray specifically for the team that includes:

-       Doraine Ross - ON
-       Mark Dartnell - ON
-       Sarah Dhanaraj - ON
-       Lydia Nigh - BC
-       Bob Kirk - BC
-       Crystal Oostra - AB
-       Elizabeth Broers - AB
-       Jim Longworth – NB’s the vital work of the mission

SIM Canada currently has more than 160 missionaries ministering to people’s needs – both physically and spiritually – all over the world.

We want to double this number! We have staff in SIM Canada who train, teach, and orient new missionaries as well as provide on-going support to our global workers. They rely on financial supporters who are committed to spreading the gospel and moving this global ministry forward.

Your gift to Project CA 84700 will help provide for our home staff, recruit, equip and mobilize more people for missions. Complete the response slip in this magazine or give online at

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