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The Outsiders

Two years ago, we returned to Canada after a year in South Korea. We learned a lot about ourselves, God, ministry and teaching.

There were many options for what we could do next, but surprisingly, and at first with some of my own heel-digging, ministry outside of Canada and specifically missions began to stick out more and more. We had caught a glimpse of the temporariness of life on earth, so it seemed foolish to cling to temporary at the expense of eternal. As we returned to Canada, it was with a mind to leave again soon as missionaries.

Preparing to go was a long journey and we ended up staying in Canada longer than we originally hoped. I remember thinking last summer when we once again had to change our departure goal, “What are we doing spending a year and half of our mid-twenties straining to make less money than if we worked a minimum wage job in Canada?” But what kept us going was, “Would we really rather hide from God’s call in temporary comfort than experience walking with Christ daily?” If God was telling us the place for us to walk with Him was Ghana, why would we want to go anywhere or do anything else?

We have now been in Ghana for four months and we are outsiders in almost every way, but we see slow change by our willingness to learn like little children. A few weeks ago, I mentioned to my language teacher how I noticed there always seems to be a group of guys sitting together in one part of town. He explained that local guys choose places as hangouts to rest and socialize together. He suggested introducing me to a few of these “bases” so I could practice the language.

It was fun to hear him, in my broken understanding, as he explained to the guys at the bases who I am and why I am here. I’ve visited several times now and they have really invited me in. I am beginning to be a part of their world.

Living with a heavenly perspective can seem romantic and exciting from the comfort of home, but at times it feels very slow and uncomfortable living it out. I’d love to have something profound to say about our time here so far, but our life really isn’t that outstanding or tweetable. We wake up every day and walk with God through the journey of the day. It’s hard and it’s painful, but we know Christ is faithful and abounding in grace, so we walk with Him.

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