The three pillars that drive SIM Canada

SIM is convinced that no one should live and die without hearing God’s good news, and we believe He has called SIM workers to make Jesus known in all places and among all peoples.

 3There are 3 pillars that drive SIM Canada - to respond to need, to proclaim the gospel and to equip the Church.

 Stories in this edition illustrate just a few of the ways the gospel is proclaimed.

 Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples. It is our joy to proclaim the gospel to all people in many creative ways. Most SIM ministries involve open and intentional opportunities to communicate the gospel. For others, our daily lives reveal God’s love.

 We are proclaiming the gospel through business ministry, ministry to children, education, church planting, evangelism, media, arts, and in countless other ways.

 We believe the ultimate human need is to know God, and in all things, we seek to proclaim the gospel of Jesus.

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