West Dhaka Urban Renewal Project

When pandemic strikes, ministries adapt, and outreach continues

Most parents of the students are daily wage earners. COVID-19 made it very difficult for them to be able to earn any income and many of their neighbors were also in need of food.  

So, between the end of April and mid-August, on the project reverted from teaching to provide some food relief to students' families and to those in most need in the community. Former students’ families were also included to maintain an ongoing relationship with them. In all, 960 bags were distributed to 470 families. The bags included, rice, potatoes, lentils, vegetable oil and soap.

The impact of the government closing all educational institutions, including elementary schools was significant to the project. Most of the students do not have access to internet, wi fi or data, which has made distance learning challenging. The teachers have shown their hard work and dedication and are teaching students by phone in small groups. The students' parents really appreciate that their children’s' education can still continue.  And while the students were excited at first, it is also difficult to maintain their attention and interest over the phone. 

By contrast. COVID-19 has allowed time for training. Two teachers are enrolled in an International Child Development Program and they will in turn be able to train the other teachers when they are done. In addition, a speech therapist who has recently joined the project is giving a short training once a week to all of the teachers in different strategies to be able to communicate with students with different learning abilities. And, a nurse who is volunteering at the project is providing training on proper hand hygiene to the teachers who can then pass this knowledge on to the students and their families.  This is important not only for COVID-19, but for other diseases such as typhoid, intestinal worms, etc., which can be reduced by proper hand hygiene.

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West Dhaka Urban Renewal - PROJECT: BD 98435

This project reaches out to a large slum community to improve the lives of the people and to plant three churches by providing child and adult education, physiotherapy services, community health awareness and basic health care.

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